Thursday, 30 December 2010

A commission - Joey The Bat

A fun commission which one day may appear in a New York Gallery with many talented artists who have also included Joey in their art.


Lots of fun and interest in my life last year caused me to be distracted from my passion of art, but after some soul searching and realising what 'i' need, the New Year will be a time for me to continue with what i love - my art!!!!!!!

A new addition in our lifes last year made things very hectic. We had a puppy!!!!! It was like having a toddler again and at times it still is, but he brings us sooooo much amusement.

Looking forward to all things new that come my way. Watch this space for my new pieces which if all goes to plan will be plentiful.

A Happy New Year to all my supporters xxxx

Monday, 22 November 2010


Its been a long time since i added my new artwork - but i am very pleased to announce the arrival of my new line........ Frizzy Fairy Greeting & Christmas Cards.

I enjoy painting Frizzy Fairy as she is sweet and simple but very versatile!!! Concentrating on Children as my target has been lots of fun, but after getting feedback from customers, i now realise that this range suits older ages too. Finally a good all rounder!!!!!

Anyway....... heres a few examples of my FRIZZY FAIRY. Available in my etsy store.