Monday, 29 June 2009


Its been a very good start to the week.

The Pink Fairy canvas that was for a lady's 11 yr old daughter has been collected today and she seems delighted with it. Also i have taken a few of my sisters ideas on board and am trying out a new subject in my art. Top secret at the mo. Mandy (SISSY) is doing one too and it looks fab!!!!

Keeping positive and enjoying the fact that i am trying something different. It is kind of refreshing. Yesterday i listed another Fairy Canvas on Etsy. I have called it 'Flower Fairy'. It is probably one of my favourites to date....

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

More Fairies..................................

Today has been so warm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The studio where my sister and i work was so hot i'm suprised we managed to achieve anything. A fan would be a big bonus but for now we will have to moan a lot!!

Been working some more on a custom canvas. A lovely lady has requested a fairy canvas for her daughters 11th Birthday. Apparently she has pink tones in her bedroom and she is very messy. She plays a Viola and is into ballet and tap so i am working on all of these things with the hope that i looks good! The canvas is not quite complete but i thought i would give you a little sneak preview.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

A day for lovely friends

What an enjoyable day.
My friends Amy and Lorna met up with my sister and i, and we had a wetherspoons brekkie. Yummy - just wish they would cook the eggs more! Anyway we ended up back at our studio to check out our artwork and they said how much they loved our stuff - which is so sweet. Amy made us laugh so much we had face ache. Couldn't eat lunch as was too full and not much inspiration hit me in the afternoon so gave it up as a bad job. My little boy went for a sleep over at Mandys house so that he could be with his cousins which left Stephen (my hubbie) and myself some valuble 'us' time...........................

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Cleaning to pay the bills

Just been and cleaned a friends house this morning. Need to do it at the moment - just to pay the bills. Obviously in the future i'm hoping to spend my time painting, painting and maybe a little drawing but certainly no cleaning. Oh how my limbs hurt...............

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Fairytastic day!!!!!

What a lovely sunny day its been.

Both my sister and i have been into the studio today working hard on our paintings. Mandy (my sister) is doing a beautiful mermaid with acrylic paints and i have been working on a custom commission based on the Wizard of Oz. Its great fun as The Wizard of Oz is just about my favourite film ever!!! When its finished i will post it to my blog,

Anyway the day just got better as Mandy recieved her first commission through etsy to do a rather interesting piece of art. She is very excited as am i. It always throws up such a buzz when you have a bit of a challenge. Hopefully Mandys piece of art will be posted when complete so watch this space.....

Saturday, 13 June 2009


I'm spreading the word about National Fairy Day on June 24th.

We will be cebrating at Fairy Whisper Art and displaying all of our Fairy Art at our studio in Leicestershire, UK.

Have a look at the National Fairy Day website -

Friday, 12 June 2009

Mermaid a go go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've discovered theres more to me than just fairies. I do truly love fairies but a change has done me good so i have had a go at painting mermaids!!!!!!!! They are mixed media collages - but i have hand painted the mermaids. My favourite is 'Believe in Mermaids as it has a calmness about it!!

My sister has set up her old website for us to list our art work. For a quick loook at our work for sale please visit Jointly we will be known as arty sisters.

Fairies flown away ... but only for a short while!!!!!!!!!

This wk has been lots of fun. Have sold some of my ACEOs to a lovely lady in America. Hooray!!!!!!!! But the best fun of all has been working alongside my sister whom i love to bits.

Her name is Mandy and now that we are in the studio together i am feeling more inspired than ever before. She is the encouragement that i need and i hope that she is enjoying our journey as much as me.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

What a weird couple of weeks!!!!

I have parted company with my friend that i had the studio with. I've decided to keep it on and now my sister is interested in joining me.

That will be fab news. She is very talented and love doing fine detailed ink work.

I've made a start on a custom order and i've just listed a trio of aceos on etsy