Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Fairytastic day!!!!!

What a lovely sunny day its been.

Both my sister and i have been into the studio today working hard on our paintings. Mandy (my sister) is doing a beautiful mermaid with acrylic paints and i have been working on a custom commission based on the Wizard of Oz. Its great fun as The Wizard of Oz is just about my favourite film ever!!! When its finished i will post it to my blog,

Anyway the day just got better as Mandy recieved her first commission through etsy to do a rather interesting piece of art. She is very excited as am i. It always throws up such a buzz when you have a bit of a challenge. Hopefully Mandys piece of art will be posted when complete so watch this space.....


Wood N Goods said...

I love getting special orders to work on! Congratulations to both you and your sister on your commissions!!

frizzyfairy said...

Thanks Wood N Goods. Congratulations you are our 1st person to comment!!!!